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We have built a reputation for quality workmanship combined with excellent customer relations
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We have a reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer relations with all our customers, starting with clear communication at the beginning of a project, and continuing throughout manufacture and installation


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Everyone in our team is passionate about creating displays in all types of environments that capture the imagination and leave the client with a real sense of satisfaction about what has been achieved

The Dreadnought Banner

The Dreadnought Banner project formed part of extended works that we completed at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


The Dreadnought Banner - Portsmouth

The Dreadnought Banner project formed part of extended works that we completed at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We worked closely with the main contractor and the end client to decide on the best method of installation for what turned out to be a banner suited to its name! Dreadnought literally means, ‘fearing nothing’.

With the top edge of the banner standing 9.5m above ground level, suspended above a wide inlet canal that, at low tide, dropped a further 4m below ground level, the installation was always going to be a challenge. The finished banner was printed onto 330gsm mesh banner for lightness and welded together to form a printed face in excess of 150 square metres. Using a 28 metre straight boom lift, we carefully lifted the banner up to a pre-installed metal rail and fixed the top edge only, allowing the banner to billow ever so slightly in the wind that funnels through the inlet.

The bottom edge was weighted with chain that was sewn into a pocket running the length of the banner and tied back at the bottom corners for added stability. The installation went very smoothly and was completed well within the day allowing our team to make all the necessary safety checks, take a few selfies and return to ground with a job well done.

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