United Utilities transformed office space

Working closely with the client, the brief was to convert a stark white blank canvas to build a brand upon.

The office is home to the engineering teams and it was important to reflect the valuable expertise and innovation that the department provides to the company and its legacy; through their pioneering engineering achievements.

The graphics were a mixture of high level, large format wall graphics and directly printed foamex panels set into bespoke acrylic cylinders to simulate pipes, the artwork was fascinating, taking advantage of the clients fantastic archive of photography, including imagery of sites dating back to the early 20th century that are still in operation today.

The result has helped to give the team working in the building a sense of pride and also give a vast and understated building some real character.

It’s Summer!

Just in case you were looking out of the window watching rain drops and needed some reassurance, it’s Summer!!

To create these huge letters, towering to almost 2.5mtrs high, we firstly had to CNC cut multiple sheets of 75mm fire retardant polystyrene and bond them all together with a plywood internal structure, taking them up to a thickness of over 300mm deep. After applying a smooth Foamex face, we spray painted each letter to a cheery bright canary yellow.

Using all of these process’ contributed to creating the “biggest summer” ever!!

Vuteks & AXYZ Trident – Brand new additions to Extreme Display

EFI VUTEk  GS3250LX – Fully loaded production level LED printer

 The innovative ink-curing technology of the EFI VUTEk GS3250LX Pro LED hybrid printer, extends the range of suitable substrates and delivers high quality print with high adhesion.

Hybrid capabilities meaning it can handle rigid and sheeted media up to 3.2m wide x any length and up to 50mm thick with reel to reel multi-roll functionality

Eight-colour plus unique multi-layer white print capability and true greyscale technology, delivers stunning Point-of-Purchase graphics with high image quality and allowing for increased applications, broadening the spectrum of possibilities.

With its production-level speeds and continuous print functionality, jobs are produced faster and more efficiently enjoying production speeds up to 60x 1.2m x 2.4m boards per hour

Virtually no VOCs, fewer consumables, lower energy consumption, and the ability to print on recycled and other heat-sensitive materials without warping or head strikes, makes it the greener printing solution.


EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro – Fully loaded high speed production level LED printer

 Enjoying all of the benefits of the GS3250LX but specifically designed for high production throughput, higher volumes and shorter lead times while maintaining image quality.

The LX3 Pro has the versatility to support the widest range of media and applications, satisfying the growing industry demands for higher quality, with quicker turnaround times but also offering the ability to print on new and alternative substrates, opening doors to more unique and creative opportunities.

Featuring advanced 12 pL greyscale print technology offering greater image consistency, along with continuous print productivity with less than five seconds between boards for faster job turn around all adds up to production speeds of up to 94 1.2m x 2.4m boards per hour while still maintaining quality.


AXYZ Trident 6010 ATC – Hybrid CNC cutting solution

A hybrid is modified to handle heavier substrates as well as lightweight materials, but perhaps the most significant difference is its unique “narrowed” triple-head carriage, which produces an unrivalled high speed, twin knife head and a powerful router spindle.

The robust nature of the machine means it can handle greater loads and can work faster with minimal downtime and blade breakage.

These differences also ensure that when printing onto a rigid substrate such as acrylic, the finishing can be accomplished by one process and is equally capable of handling the broadest range of materials in all print finishing, signmaking, foam packaging and graphics projects.

The robust nature of the hybrid coupled with the uprated power of the routing spindle allows Trident to process rigid substrates such as wood, plastic and non-ferrous metals. Whereas, the multi-functional knife units can accurately cut the harder substrates along with thin and flexible materials such as cutting/trimming paper, vinyl, foam board, coroplast, styrene and rubber.

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That’s a Christmas wrap

Extreme Display Team Shout Out for Christmas

It’s that time of year again!

Extreme Display Christmas photo

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Make Christmas better in your festive sweater!

Extreme Display jump into Christmas with a competitive fashion statement

On Thursday 24th December the guys and gals at Extreme will slip into something warm and Christmassy going up against each other to win some bubbles.

Extreme Display Christmas Jumper competition