iPad Display Stands

iPad Column – Graphic Concept

Displays are often over-looked when visual impact is low so drawing attention to your product has always been key to the success of its implementation. The iPad remains one of the most engaging and accessible forms of delivering online content and user interactivity through apps and other services. However, due to its compact dimensions, simpler or stand-alone displays run the risk of becoming lost in the crowd.

With the very simple addition of panel clips or thumbscrew clamps to our iPad column, you have the ability to expand your visual message, creating more eye-catching display. Recommended for printed panels up to 5mm in thickness, this extremely versatile solution magnifies the brilliance of the iPad column as an interactive multimedia display, unleashing a powerful promotional opportunity.

Remaining compact but with the added benefit of drawing in users from a greater distance, the iPad Column Graphic Concept offers a way to deliver your message to a much wider audience through wayfinding, conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations.

iPad Curve

The world around us has been dominated by digital content and consumers are becoming more and more accustomed to using online platforms and apps to access information about products and services. The iPad is now one of the most recognisable ways of accessing this content and it is safe to say that the majority of people feel at ease using this interface to search for information, make purchases and connect with others.

The iPad Curve system allows for a robust, secure and simple way to allow your customers to access your content. It has very clean lines and a coated steel construction that tilts through 120 degrees and rotates a full 360 degrees to enable viewers to find the most comfortable viewing position for their needs. The system works with a range of iPads and features a home button recess to allow guided access on iOS 6 and above. It also features a key lock for added security and discreet apertures for the speaker and audio jack.

Overall, the iPad curve provides a modern and secure way to display your digital content in a cost-effective and accessible way. The system is sleek enough to feature at the forefront of a display or can easily be incorporated more subtly into the design of a display where required due to its compact and unobtrusive dimensions.


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