Developing the complete picture with Extreme Display Ltd

Looking at today’s display market we find the demand for a complete solution that can be supplied quicker, correctly, ready to use, expandable, easily updated, modern in its approach to display and can be delivered at a controlled price now and moving forward is needed. We have noticed that many clients buy fabric graphics from one source and their frame work from another. At times this can cause a variety of problems, sizing, delivery and just a basic lack of understanding from each source to the finished requirement. This does put people off using this fantastic display solution. We have recognised this and have worked very hard to iron out the issues of buying and developing the Tension Frame System (TFS) solution.

Over the last two years Extreme have been developing its fabric printing solutions and technical experience in producing large format textile graphics in many different sizes, using an amazing variety of materials. We have invested in two 3.2m wide fabric printing machines and have utilised our full cutting and finishing departments allowing us to complete all graphics in-house to meet the ever expanding requirement in today’s market place. To complement the printing process we are now expanding our framing and aluminium cutting department. Having invested in the latest cutting equipment, we are now developing a new building, giving us the space to facilitate and grow with the demands being placed on us.

We partner with two of the industry’s leading suppliers of the materials needed to deliver the ever growing display solutions needed in the changing market and we can now offer this to you.

We feel the advantage we can now deliver to you our clients, is bringing the two processes together, printing the graphic and an understanding of the finished solution, making sure the two processes come together perfectly to offer the complete and well managed display solution. Adding this process to our growing armoury of printing and finishing equipment we can partner with you to put fantastic display possibilities in front of you and your clients.

The above is complemented with a full delivery and installation service as required.

Case Studies

Installed at the National Museum of Flight in Scotland, the design brief was to set the scene which could be viewed from both sides, behind a Spitfire mounted to a plinth in the centre of the large hangar.

We created the bespoke curved aluminium TFS frame at over 13 meters in length by almost 8 foot deep with a 6.5mtr radius and used dye sublimated blockout fabric graphics to both sides, fixed to the frame with a silicon beading pushed into the frames special channel around the perimeter.

The lightweight combination of aluminium framework and seamless fabric graphic was the perfect solution to suspend from the 70 plus year old, world war two era hangars ceiling braces.

This wall mounted TFS frame is perfect for the retail environment. The discreet, low profile aluminium framework is fixed permanently to the wall via simple screws and wall plugs and the large format seamless fabric graphic fits neatly into the frame via silicon beading pushed into the channel around the edge.

The washable fabric graphic can easily be interchanged without special instructions, tools or technical know-how and can be folded or rolled and despatched economically through the post or an overnight courier, making this a very cost effective solution for a retail location where changes in seasons or promotions can dictate the need for the graphic to be changed regularly.

This large format graphic was installed into a bed retailer, where a soft tactile fabric graphic was well suited among the other soft furnishings. The intended position of the graphic was quite dimly lit, so we installed a wall sized, low energy, LED light box to accept the easily installed, backlit fabric graphic fixed neatly into the edge of the 100mm deep light box via the graphics silicon beading. This gave the showroom an instant impact with low maintenance costs and gives the retailer the opportunity to cost effectively interchange the graphic in the future, should they decide to change brand or to run a promotion.

TFS frames and fabrics are becoming ever more popular in the museum and visitor centre environment due to their touchy-feely and sound absorbing qualities. In the D-Day museum in Portsmouth for instance, our wall mounted system is employed here to create large block areas of colour and image which encourage visitors to touch and feel the walls as well as help absorb noise, adding to create the quiet, thought provoking, sombre environment.

The challenge here was that the large wall graphics were intentionally created in sections, usually at different angles and required real skill and patience to ensure the graphics were finished to exacting standards ensuring the images ran seamlessly from one graphic to the next.

We’d like to thank our Clients for permission to use these images

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