Developing the complete picture with Extreme Display Ltd

Looking at today’s display market we find the demand for a complete solution that can be supplied quicker, correctly, ready to use, expandable, easily updated, modern in its approach to display and can be delivered at a controlled price now and moving forward is needed. We have noticed that many clients buy fabric graphics from one source and their frame work from another. At times this can cause a variety of problems, sizing, delivery and just a basic lack of understanding from each source to the finished requirement. This does put people off using this fantastic display solution. We have recognised this and have worked very hard to iron out the issues of buying and developing the Tension Frame System (TFS) solution. Continue reading…

Interchangeable kedar edged, dye sublimated, backlit fabric graphic lightbox

As we plunge further into winter, we’re barely getting 8 hours of daylight a day. Driving to the office in the dark and then driving home again in the dark, you can begin to feel a bit like a mole.

So we decided to install one of our low profile aluminium LED lightboxes onto one of our office walls to brighten up the day and installed it with an interchangeable kedar edged, dye sublimated backlit fabric graphic, to add a splash of colour too.

Some examples of our lightboxes can be found at the Burnley FC shop where they create eye catching branding. Careful colour management was needed in this instance to ensure our graphics were in keeping with the club colours and now the lightboxes are installed, the graphics can easily be interchanged with minimal effort and cost.

With high power, low voltage and zero maintenance LED technology, our lightboxes combine low running costs with creating a huge visual impact and can be manufactured to any size.

Our easily interchangeable fabric graphics, slip easily into the channel around the perimeter of the lightbox without tools and can be changed without need for specialist installation skills, which makes them an ideal solution if you want to regularly update your high impact graphics cost effectively.